G.O.(Rt) No. 331/2018/F&CSD dtd 06.07.2018 - RATION PORTABILITY

G.O.(Ms) No. 05/2018/F&CSD dtd 27.01.2018 - Post Creation for NFSA implementation

Govt. Circular regarding suggestions to attain speed and transparency in services to public rendered by Civil Supplies Department Offices - dtd 11.07.2017

G.O.(Rt) No. 320/2017/F&CSD dtd 18.09.2017 - Revised criteria for identifying Priority and Non Priority Households

G.O.(P) No. 102/2017/ Fin dtd 07.08.2017 - Enhancement of Financial Powers of Administrative Departments and Head of the Departments

Govt. Circular for excluding Ineligible Beneficiaries from Ration Priority List - dtd 05.08.2017  

Proceedings No.CS-H2/16509/2016-dtd.30/7/2016

G.O(Ms) No.9/2016/F&CSD dtd.30/7/2016 Period of deputation revised order-reg

G.O(MS)No.11/2016/F&CSD dtd.29/8/2016-NFSA 2013 guidelines-

G.O(MS)187/2016/F&CSD dtd.17/8/2016-Deputation exemptions cancellation-reg

G.O(MS)No.26/2012/F&CSD-dtd.25/9/2012-Deputation Norms

G.O(MS)No.160/2016/Home-dtd.23/5/2016-Police training service

G.O(P)No.20/2015/F&CSD dated 13.07.2015, Formation of 12 new Taluk Supply Offices,posts sanctioned

Circular No.2/14 of Civil supplies Commissioner-promtion of clerk to senior clerk reg-dtd.10/10/2014

G.O(Rt) No.280/14/F&CSD dtd.19/9/14-Sanction  for HaMos in Civil supplies Dept.

Circular No.10/14 dtd 22/7/2014- Probation completes through appoinment of PSC -reg

G.O(P) No.11/14/F&CSD dtd 5/3/2014 - Food & Civil Supplies-Non Tax Revenue in respect of Civil Supplies Department-Enhanced Orders issued

GO.(Rt) No. 51/2013/F&CSD dt. 28/10/2013 - Delegation of Financial Powers of the Officers in CS Dept Subordinate to the Director of Civil Supplies

GO.(Rt) No. 3344/2013/F7CSD  dt.24/4/13 Restriction on the transfer of TSOs due to Sub election of 2013 may 7 

G.O(P) No. 146/13/Fin. dt. 1/4/2013 LTC to the state Govt. employees -rules, guidelines

Go(MS) No. 17/13/F&CSD dt.30/3/13 Extension Of Committe to study End to End Computerisation

G.O(MS).No.72/2013/GAD  dt 14/03/2013 Purchase & use of Vehicle

G.O(P) No. 110/2013 Fin dt. 1/3/2013 Delegation/enhancement of Financial powers of administrative depts

GO(MS) No. 8/13/F&CSD dt.12/2/2013 One time Settlement Commission to ARDs

GO(Rt) No: 08/13/F&CSD dt 05/01/2013 Subsidy for Paddy Procurement to KSCSC

G.O(MS) No. 223/12/Fin dtd 17/4/2012 Disposal of Unservicebale Articles & vehicles on various departments

G.O(MS) No. 17/2011/F&CSD dt.25/5/2011 distribution of rice to BPLfamilies@ of Rs.One

G.O(P) No. 396/2003/Fin dt. 23/7/2003 replacement of spare parts of dept.vehicles

G.O (MS)No. 50/97/F&CSD dt.28/11/1999 Recommendations of One commiossion

G.O (MS)No. 666/99/Fin Dt.1/3/1999 Enhancement of Non -Tax Revenue in the department of Civil supplies

G.O (MS)No. 12/97/F&CSD dt.25/4/97 Implementation Of Targetted Public Distribution System

CircularNo. (C) C2-40906/7of Board Of Revenue ( Civil Supplies),Trivandrum dtd 9/12/1971

G.O. No.24/2010/ F&CSD


G.O.(MS) 31/10/F&CSD dt 04/09/2010

G.O.No. 44/10/F&CSD dt 17/12/2010

G.O.No. 02/11/F&CSD dt 05/01/2011

G.O.No.05/11/F&CSD Abhaya @ 2 dt 01/02/2011

G[1].O. 7/2011/F&CSD dt 04/02/2011

G.O. No. 11/2011/F&CSD dt 25/02/2011

G.O.(MS) No. 15/2011/F&CSD dt 28/03/2011

G.O.No. 3393/D2/11/F&CSD dt 05/04/2011

G.O(MS).No.113/2003/Fin dt 24/02/2003  Curbing of Misuse of Vehicles

Circular No. 09/2014 dt. 10/07/2014 -Restricted Entry in Control Room

GO(Rt)No.187/2014/F&CSD dt 08/07/2014-Deputation of UDCs to Supplyco  

GO(Rt) No. 173/2014/F&CSD dt. 02/07/2014 - Deputation of TSOs to Supplyco

GO(Rt) No. 164/2014/F&CSD dt. 27/06/2014 - Deputation of TSOs to Supplyco

GO(Rt) No. 159/2014/F&CSD dt. 21/06/2014 - Deputation of UDCs to Supplyco 

GO(Rt) No. 148/2014/F&CSD dt. 16/06/2014 - Deputation Excemption to Technical Co-ordinators- modified orders

GO(Rt) No. 149/2014/F&CSD dt. 16/06/2014 - Deputation of Rationing Inspectors 

GO(Rt) No.139/14/F&CSD dt.10/06/2014 - Promotion - DSO to DyCR & TSO to DSO

GO(MS)No.18/14/F&CSD dt.31/05/2014 - End to End Computerization of PDS

CIRCULAR No: 06/14 - Directions for Submitting Enquiry Reports in Time 

CIRCULAR No: 01/14 - General Instructions regarding Probation

G.O. (Rt) No. 19/2014/f'&C SD dt 20-01-2014  - Promotion - TSO  to  DSO

G.O (MS) No. 13/2013/BCDD dt 13-12-2013 - Including Thurkar/Thurkan community of Kasargode district in OBC list

G.O.(Rt). No. 369/2013/F&CSD dt  03/12/2013 -  Deputation of TSOs to Supplyco

G.O.(Rt). No. 361/2013/F&CSD dt  22/11/2013 -  Promotion - TSO to DSO

GO (Rt). No. 349/2013/F&CSD dt  15/11/2013 - Deputation of RIs to KSCSC

GO (Rt). No . 340/2013/F&CSD  dt  07/11/2013 - Deputation of UDCs to KSCSC

GO (Rt). No . 338/2013/F&CSD  dt  07/11/2013 - Promotion - DSO to DyCR

(CS) B8/30876/2013 dt 05/11/2013 CREATION OF IT SECTION in the COMMISSIONERATE

Circular No. 13184/2/2013/P&ARD dt  04/11/2013 - Compassionate Appointment - New Directions

G.O.(Rt). No. 51/2013/F&CSD dt 28/10/2013  -  Deligation of Financial Powers of Officers in the CS Dept

GO (Rt). No. 262/2013/F&CSD  dt  03/08/2013  Transfer & Posting of DSOs

GO (Rt). No. 252/2013/F&CSD  dt  22/07/2013  Promotion - TSO to DSO

GO (Rt). No. 213/2013/F&CSD  dt  27/06/2013     Transfer & posting of DSOs

Go(Rt). No. 183/2013/F&CSD  dt 13/06/2013  Deputation of Rationing Inspectors

GO(Rt). No. 175/2013/F&CSD dt 04/06/2013  Promotion of TSO to DSO

GO(Rt). No. 137/2013/F&CSD  dt 04/05/2013  Promotion of TSO to DSO

G.O.(Rt)No.131/13/F&CSD     dt 29/4/2013 Deputation of LDCs to KSCSC

G.O.(Rt)No.125/2013/F&CSD dt 24/4/2013 DyCR Promotion

G.O.(Rt)No.3344/2013/GAD  dt 24/4/2013 Transfers restricted due to Sub Election

G.O.(MS)No.177/13/Fin         dt 18/4/2013 Recovery of loans postponed

G.O.(P)No.176/2013/Fin       dt 17/4/2013 GPAIS scheme for 2013 modified

G.O.(MS)No.8/2013/P&ARD   dt 5/04/2013 Category change of Typists as Clerks

G.O.(P)No.149/13/Fin           dt 3/04/2013 National Pension Scheme, PRAN

G.O.(P)No.146/13/Fin           dt 1/04/2013 LTC Clarification of Head of Account

G.O.(P)No.145/13/Fin           dt 30/3/2013 Enhancement of wages of Daily wages driver

G.O.(P)No.136/2013/Fin       dt 16/3/2013 KSR Part -III Amendment

G.O.(Ms)No.72/2013/GAD    dt 14/3/2013 Driver cum Office Attendant

Cir.No.2517/R1/13/P&ARD  dt 8/02/2013 Re-appointment KS&SSRs Clarification

Cir.No.610/R2/2013P&ARD  dt 7/02/2013 Disposal of cases by the Council of Ministers

G.O.(P)No.5/2013/P&ARD    dt 6/02/2013  Inter Department Transfer

G.O.(P)No.3/2013/P&ARD    dt 05/2/2013 Die in harness appointments norms

G.O.(P)No.02/13/P&ARD      dt 28/1/2013 Temp Excemption from Passing Dept Test

G.O.(Rt)No.2/2013              dt 3/01/2013  Deputation of UDC

G.O.(P)No.713/2012/Fin      dt 31/12/2012 LTC to Govt. employees

G.O.(P)No.697/2012/Fin      dt 19/12/2012 SLI, GIS

G.O.(P)No.656/2012/Fin      dt 1/12/2012 LWA Sanctioning Authority

G.O.(P)No.651/2012/Fin      dt 26/11/2012 GPAIS 2013 modified orders

G.O.(P)No.606/2012/Fin      dt 3/11/2012 GPAIS 2013

G.O.(P)No.43/2012/P&ARD  dt 27/8/2012 Duty Leave for  attending PSC Verification

G.O.(P)No.40/12/P&ARD      dt 17/8/2012 application by Govt Employees for PSC Test

G.O.(P)No.441/12/Fin          dt 08/8/2012 New Pension Scheme after 1/4/2013

G.O.(P)No.31/12/P&ARD     dt 05/7/2012 PSC verification Certificate in Service Book

G.O.(P)No.360/2012/Fin      dt 29/6/2012 Casual Sweepers remuneration enhanced

G.O.(Ms)No.28/2012/P&ARD  dt 20/6/2012 Maximum Age Limit for direct recruitment

G.O.(P)No.197/2012/Fin      dt 31/3/2012 GPAIS modified orders

G.O.(P)No.85/2011/Fin        dt 26/2/2011 Ninth Pay Revision

G.O.(P)No.41/2010/P&ARD  dt 14/12/2010 Regularization of PSC appointments

G.O.(P)No.25/2010/P&ARD  dt 32/8/2010 Reservation for LGS for promotion

Cir. No.168/AR13(2)/09/P&ARD dt 12/1/2009  Recipt of Applications

G.O.(P)No.221/07/Fin          dt 29/5/2007 GPAIS

Cir.No.3180/AR13(2)/07/P&ARD dt 26/4/2007 Norms of Transfer& Postings

G.O.(P)No.11/2013/P&ARD  dt 16/5/2003 Persons with disabilities

Cir.No.8239/Adv.C1/2002/P&ARD  dt 14/6/2002 Deputation

G.O.(Ms)No.57/2000/F&CSD dt 30/12/2000 Deputation to KSCSC - Norms

G.O.(MS)No.67/97/F&CSD    dt 22/12/1999 CR     Duties & Responsibilities

G.O.(MS)No.45/98/F&CDD   dt 24/11/1998 DyCR  Duties & Responsibilities

G.O.(MS)No.20/79/Food      dt 12/11/1976  Appointing authority of NGOs in CS Dept